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  • Nov 7
  • 16:00:00
  • Your House


  • Nov 7
  • 19:00:00
  • 320 14th St NW


  • Nov 7
  • 16:00:00


  • $0.00


The rain is ending! Come hang out at the Ski House at 320 14th St. from 4-7pm today. Drop by anytime to pick up your passes!

Don’t forget to fill this out for a pass!

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Snowshoe is possibly THE most popular Outdoor Club destination, there were 55+ trips last season, and there will be even more this year! Don’t miss out!!!

The Mountain of Youth Unlimited Pass is exclusively available to us at $229. That’s cheaper than ever before, and it’s loaded with even more perks!
– NO BLACKOUT DATES (it’s valid holidays, weekends, etc., unlike Wintergreen)
– Discounts on lodging, food, retail, and other resorts!
– Free swag and entry to bar nights and shows

The “Three-For-All” Pass can be yours for just $99. You can buy them for your friends, family, etc. and you can use it any three separate or consecutive days, any time of the season!


1) Snowshoe is hands-down the best resort in the area. They even guarantee to have more snow than anyone else, or your money back.

2) The slopes are open November – April, so you have no reason to miss out. And it’s easy to do day-trips if you’ve got a tight schedule!

3) If you’re new to skiing/boarding/etc., Snowshoe offers tons of beginner terrain and lots of friendly folks to help you out. Club members can even teach you!

4) On the flip side, if you’re looking for gnarly terrain, there’s 3 areas (Snowshoe Basin, Silver Creek, and Northern Territory) all at your disposal. There’s steeps, trees, pow, and lots of terrain parks.

5) The club usually stays in Cass, which is my favorite place ever! You stay in rad houses that usually end up like this: (or if you’d rather, this:


“I don’t have any friends to go with”
Answer: That’s not true! You are a luminescent individual, I’ll be your friend! And that’s what the Club trips are for! Yay making friends!

“I’m from Colorado and only do rodeo 9s and switch back lips”
Answer: Screw you. And I guarantee you’ll still have more fun stomping the ‘shoe than flying back out West every weekend.

“$229 is a lot of money”
I know, cashish is tight. Stop buying those Mocha-Pumpkin Double-Douche Lattes and Fair-Trade Kale Chips and watch the staxxx add up. Or get a job. Or work another 3 shifts. Easy!

“I don’t have my own equipment”
You can rent solid gear for the whole season at super-low rates (like $100 for the entire season!!), or you can dive in to the Ski/Board Swap at Freestyle and get your very own shred sticks on a student budget.


If you come on one of my trips, I’ll personally teach you the ways of the scooch-leg, snollerblading, and G.N.A.R. If you’ve read all this and still aren’t planning on buying a pass; email me. I’ll persuade (read: potentially seduce?) you, I promise!

Finally, come to the Ski House (320 14th St) on November 7th to get your pass and hang out with your fellow Outdoors Club shredders!





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