Biking (Road) Biking (Road)


  • Oct 26
  • 08:00 AM
  • Corner Of Echols Dorm


  • Oct 26
  • 09:30 AM
  • Also Corner of Echols Dorm


  • Oct 25
  • 08:00 PM


  • $whatever


  • bagel shop


This idea came to me while staring into the bonfire and speaking with my fellow trip leaders about local chains we could support by going to every location as fast as we can via human power. Thus the tour de BODOS was born. Instructions will follow.

Be at echols dorm at 8am, no sooner, no later. Come alone. Or with friends. No cops.
Bring a bike (NOT a club mtn bike, that is bad).
Bring a helmet. That way you can live to sue the driver that hits you (KIDDING!!).
Bring a bike lock (to lock your bike, NOT to lock the Bodo’s employees and customers inside after we eat all their food)
Bring a water bottle (with water inside, if ya picking up what i’m putting down, ehehe)
We will ride to each location and get a small thing or something to share, no pressure if you don’t want to get something at each place or anything at all.

The goal is to be back by 9:30am, but we may get back sooner. The total ride should be between 6-7 miles provided we don’t get lost, which google says should take 45 minutes, plus ordering and eating time.




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