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Hello outdoorsy folks!!

Some of you may have been frustrated by wait lists of late — we feel you!! That’s why we are here with a solution: become a trip leader! Below you will find answers to A) the why, and B) the how, of the process.

NOTE: at the end is the information on the Trip Leader Workshop we are hosting this upcoming Tuesday at 8pm (there will be pizza).

Remember that the club does not have a fixed trip schedule. We only have adventures when our trip leaders decide to lead them. Especially in preparation for the upcoming Fall foliage, we want to give you all a chance to become trip leaders. Why you ask? Let me give you 6.5 reasons:


1) It is a great way to always go on trips…. whenever you want….. and to go wherever you want!

2) YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE A CAR!!! There have been many instances of first years becoming some of our most prolific trip leaders. You will just wait list everyone until a driver signs up.

2.5) It’s SO easy. To “lead” a hike you almost literally just have to coordinate logistics re: what people should bring and where/when everyone needs to meet. It’s so, so simple, and the officers are ALWAYS here as a resource for you if you have questions.

3) It is deeply intrinsically rewarding to get to take other lovely people into the woods to have a good time. Plus, think about all those poor people on wait lists for hikes that you would be helping out! More extrinsically, it’s also a pretty sweet thing to put on your resume….

4) $$$$. Once you lead four trips you will get your dues reimbursed! If you have a 12 month membership that means that you only need to lead one trip every three months and you’ll get a check from us for $50. You can also get a Wilderness First Aid course reimbursed by us if you lead 6 trips within a year after you get the certification.

5) WE NEED YOU. The club literally cannot function without trip leaders. We have loads of really excited members who are chomping at the bit to go into the mountains…… let’s help them/you do just that, shall we???

6) After you have lead 3 trips you are eligible to apply for officership. This is something that again is available to people of any year. Last year, multiple first years became officers after leading trips!


To become a trip leader, one technically only needs to read the Leader’s Manual on our website (link below) and email the officers saying you’ve done so and would like to be a trip leader. But to make it really easy and to allow for y’all to ask questions, we will be hosting a workshop this upcoming Tuesday. It should only take 30-45 minutes and will consist of a short presentation by some of the officers, question and answer, pizza eating/vibing, and then activation of all of you as official trip leaders!


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