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  • Apr 13
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  • Waynesboro YMCA


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hey all,

I’m taking a crew out to Lockridge Aqua this weekend and have one or two spots left. This isn’t a club trip but I figured there might be some interest. It’s part of my big spring thesis exhibition if y’all happen to be curious about that.

Here’s the details:

We’ll meet up at 10AM on Sunday, default spot has been Ruffin Hall. We’ll probably get Bodo’s or Bellair on the way out of town (it’s on me so plan on it!). Last weekend we stopped at a Chinese buffet on the way back and got home around 7:30pm or so, so plan for the whole day.

It’s going to be REALLY COLD! If you’re the first person to put on a sweater in the classroom or always complain about having bad circulation, this might not be a good idea. The cave temperature is a constant 55 degrees, which isn’t bad in the air, but the water is super cold. There’s a river in the cave , prepare to be up to your neck in water a couple times, and wading a bit, but also walking/climbing around on dry rock for a solid portion. And to enter you essentially have to swim in under a rock (but not quite). Physical activity and adrenaline will keep you warm. Again, it’s super cold, and a big spooky cave, so if you feel uncomfortable with the cold or small dark spaces then I wouldn’t recommend it.

You should provide some good shoes (something that is sturdy enough to hike in but also work in the water). You’ll want closed-toes, sandals will let your feet get tore up. Tennis shoes have worked, I’ll probably wear light hiking boots, let me know if you have questions.

You’ll also want to bring lots of layers (synthetics or wool), that you can change in and out of easily (take them off to swim and keep them dry, put them on afterward to stay warm). Feel free to ask about this stuff,if it sounds complicated. I’ll be wearing long johns, basketball shorts, and two or three shirt-type things probably. Don’t wear anything you’d be really upset about getting down and dirty in.

gear list:

– change of clothes for post-caving
– a towel
– good shoes
– top layers
– yoga pants/synthetic long johns/something equivalent
– good socks (wool is my favorite)
– snacks

Alright that’s the gist of it, let me know if you have questions!

aaaand it’s supposed to be 77 degrees on Sunday, HOORAYYYY

again, this isn’t a club trip, so answer the questions well.




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