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  • Aug 22
  • 03:00:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Aug 22
  • 17:00:00
  • Virginia Beach


  • Aug 21
  • 13:15:00


  • $30.00


Divers and Anglers,

This is PADI Divemaster Kevin here. I plan to take the raft out to Virginia Beach this Saturday to do some fishing and diving.Chesapeake Light Tower is 16 miles offshore, that means the water visibility is much better. Also, popular sport fish such as mahi-mahi and wahoo can be caught around that area. Just let me know what you like to do so we can make a plan.

There are too many uncontrollable factors associated with scuba diving, so this trip is an unofficial trip

Destination: Chesapeake Light Tower

Distance from Shore: 16 miles.

Depth: 50 feet, Open-water divers welcome! Visibility normally very good in the summer.

What to see/fish: Atlantic Spadefish, Tasty! Jacks, mahi-mahi can be caught when use chum bag.

Weather: wind 6-9 kts, wave 2.1 feet, temperature:79 F

Departure Time: 3 am from Charlottesville, 630 am from boat lunch.

Return Time: 1pm at boat lunch, 5 pm back to Charlottesville

Gears: your gears or rentals from dive shops, there are two in Charlottesville.

Fee:$30 or less for gas.

P.S I am NOT in active status and NOT insured, I will only be your dive partner.




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