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  • Sep 20
  • 09:00:00
  • 1535 Gordon Avenue


  • Sep 21
  • 18:00:00
  • First Landing State Park


  • Sep 20
  • 08:00:00


  • $5.00


UPDATE! There is a very good possibility that the campsite is closed for the weekend. Please show up at 9 if you would like to go. I will be calling the place before then (like 8:30) to see if its open. We will decide what is going on at that point.

Come to Virginia beach and do some scuba, paddling, biking, hiking, or just enjoy the beach… and meet some new friends while you’re at it. Then eat dinner with us and sleep under the stars! There’s something for everyone!

——-Enjoy the beach!———-
the bay is a short walk from our campsite, or drive to the ocean!

——–Beginning Scuba———
Not certified? No problem! Take a short class on the basics of scuba and then take a free pool dive. Very cool for first timers!

———Hiking —————-
The park has 19 miles of hiking trails, including one called “Bald Cypress Trail” which is an unusual 1-mile path through sand dunes. Get info at the park, and then create your own group and go for a nice leisurely hike.

The park has bike trails, too (easy ones), and bicycles for rent (“beach cruisers,” $5/hour or $16 ‘till 5pm). Maybe some of the cars going will have bike racks; we’ll have to wait and see (if not, you can lock your bike at the adventure meeting place).

I can’t guarantee good waves, but we shall try. If you’re interested in surf kayaking, e-mail me ( and we’ll talk details. Surf kayaking is using a kayak to surf on ocean waves. Its very fun, provided decent waves.

————–Other Notes————
This should be a great trip, so come out and just enjoy yourself. Sorry to limit it to 24, but we can only have so many people in a campsite. People will be returning Sunday (possibly Saturday) at various times, so there’s no set return time. Catch a ride back when you want to go back! Checkout is 3 P.M. so we can stay at the site for a while.

Saturday lunch, money for Sunday lunch, bathing suit, towel, sun tan lotion, cash if you want to rent a bicycle (also, $20 returnable deposit or leave credit card), bug spray, flashlight and warm clothes for nighttime, **musical instrument** if you have one for playing around the campfire, Frisbees, sand castle tools … anything you want to bring

——–UVA Outdoors Provides——–
UVa Outdoors provides Saturday dinner, Sunday breakfast, campsite fee, gas for cars, firewood, and if you need: sleeping bag and pad, tent, and a seat in a car.

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