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  • Apr 30
  • 06:45 AM
  • Corner Of Echols Dorm/Ohill


  • May 1
  • 02:30 PM
  • Corner Of Echols Dorm/Ohill


  • Apr 28
  • 08:00 PM


  • $0


  • Shenandoah National Park, Virginia, USA


I’m too lazy to do a new trip description, so I’m using as much as I can from the last one I led…For the past year, I’ve been working my way through the VA section of the AT. With a goal to finish by the end of May, I’m trying to maximize mileage on short weekends, which means utilizing a shuttle situation so we’re only hiking NOBO, rather than out & back (details to be hashed out if people sign up for this trip). This is considered an intermediate backpacking trip since we are doing higher mileage back-to-back.

– 645 AM meet at Echols (or most convenient location for car)
– 7 AM leave cville (giving 15 min of wiggle room bc I know it’s early)
– 8 AM meet me at Hightop parking area [38.345089,-78.552773] — Shuffle cars so we have 1/2 staying vacant in the lot, 1/2 taking eager hikers to trail start
– 9 AM arrive at Rip Rap Trailhead [38.177879,-78.765068] – 9-630 PM 16.9 miles of hiking (including lunch, snack, and delayer breaks)
– 630 PM Pinefield Hut ft. a spring-fed stream, privy, and bear poles!!! (10 P bunk space + several tent sites)
– Evening: set up camp, build a fire, cook dinner, bond, and maybe get to bed close to hiker midnight (8 PM)???

– 630 AM alarm to pack up, cook, and eat breakfast
– 730-1230 PM 10.4 miles of hiking (including snack and delayer breaks — can also stop for lunch if needed — can also stop for photos, not as cute as my dog in the trip photo, at the hightop lookout)
– 1230 PM arrive at Hightop and hop into our cars to shuttle back to trail start
– 130 PM arrive at Riprap and depart for cville (I return to rva)
– 230 PM arrive back in cville
***NOTE: this is my best generous estimate, but timing is subject to change

– sturdy hiking shoes (+ camp shoes if desired)
– layers (rain + warm)
– extra socks + undies
– backpacking pack with rain cover
– headlamp
– trekking poles (if desired)
– sleeping pad + bag
– tents (to be organized)
– camp stove + propane + lighter (to be organized)
– breakfast x1, lunch x1-2, dinner x1, snacks x12121212121212
– 2L+ water with purifier (filters can be shared)
– toiletries as needed (don’t forget TP for the privy)
– sack of some kind to stuff your smellies in and hang on bear pole
***DRIVERS AND SNP PASS HOLDERS GET PRIORITY OFF THE WAITLIST. Drivers will be reimbursed + 50% tip for gas.




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