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  • Jun 27
  • 17:00:00
  • TBD


  • Jul 6
  • 17:00:00
  • Smoky Meadows Campground, Bryson City, NC


  • Jun 26
  • 11:00:00


  • $250.00


Borrowing from last year invite…

I’m “coordinating” a trip to Carolina Canoe Club’s Week of Rivers (WOR)… Go directly to the source, and get all the beta you could ever want about this event here:

Now in case you didn’t read all that, here’s my quick summary: This is a week long event in Western NC, where most in attendance camp out at a site in Bryson City, NC which is quasi-central to many rivers in the region, and then River trips and clinics at ALL SKILL LEVELS depart daily from the campground. It’s one of the few times where you can actually bring a group with diverse skill sets and have there be something for everyone to thoroughly enjoy.

There is no plan! We’ll get there when we get there, and everyone can figure out what to paddle daily once down there – see link above for the CCC’s description on how that works.

You must have taken the Intro Course from Dave C, or another qualified person to come on this trip. There will be some beginner/novice trips at WOR, thou there will probably be more trips available for the more skilled. Nevertheless, I’m waitlisting everyone till I screen your skills.

I am NOT “leading” any river trips, I am only coordinating some transportation for this event, you are responsible for your own safety and the activities you choose to participate in while on this trip, and you agree to have read and will abide by the American Whitewater Safety Code
All who participate on this trip agree to do so as “Common Adventurers”.

Everyone can come and go as they please, and don’t have to spend the entire week there, (thou I’m going to set the trip up for the entire week, and make a futile attempt to limit the # of vehicles going there from Cville, so everyone being flexible by a day or two will help). There are other non-club folks also coming and going at various times throughout the week, so y’all could possibly hitch a ride with them.

The Club’s $100/vehicle allotment will cover partial round trip transportation from Cville to WOR for carpools of 3, and not much else as WOR is also unaffectionately known as “Week of Driving”. While at WOR, all participants are encouraged/expected to offer a contribution to the gas fund for whoever their driver is for the day (which may or many not be club members/vehicles) So everyone should probably bring about $10-20 per day worth of extra gas $ for the day trips once we’re down there.

Will be at the Smoky Meadows Campground near Bryson City, NC and will probably share site(s) and maybe kitchens with some other VA Boaters/Clubs that may be down there. The group rate is $10/day – Which the club DOES NOT cover any of this year.

The club will NOT be covering any food expenses for this trip. If there is some cohesion between all the participant’s schedules, I could possibly pick up some group food if everyone wishes – Indicate in the Q&A your food plans. But otherwise, be prepared to do your own food shopping/cooking. Also bring additional $ for eating out on the way back from the daily river trips mmm…Mama G’s Garlic Knots! (Clayton, GA)

Boat/Gear if you need it, camping gear, Ride to/from WOR.
Any river gear you have, on and off river clothes for several days, Your own food & $ for camping.

I put a guesstimate of $250 for the fee (This is NOT paid to me, its just a heads up on the minimum for what you should expect to spend out of pocket if you spend any significant amount of time at WOR) – which should cover camp fees, gas $ for the daytrips, and some additional camp food, and a CCC Membership). Membership in Carolina Canoe Club is required to participate in WOR clinics and trips organized by CCC members – which is $20/year, you can signup online, or when you get there – Bad river Karma will probably follow any who try to stiff the CCC on dues!

If you’re in the market for your own gear, or gear upgrades, bring additional funds – as someone’s always selling used gear. Also – the Nantahala Outdoor Center traditionally offers a substantial (20-30%) discount night to WOR participants – that would be a great time to pickup that boat, upgraded paddle, drytop, etc that you always wanted!

There is commercial rafting available on a variety of rivers – such as The Ocoee and Chatooga Section IV. There may be a private raft or two at WOR, but no one that I know.

I’m sure there’s some rocks or trails or something else y’all can do in the Smoky Mountains, so if you want to join this trip and coordinate your own daily activities feel free to join. I’ll definitely take a hiking day in at some point in the week.

Put any questions you may have in the Q/A, and get excited!




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