Skiing (Downhill) Skiing (Downhill)
Snow Tubing Snow Tubing
Snowboarding Snowboarding


  • Jan 23
  • 08:00:00
  • Student Activities Building Parking Lot


  • Jan 24
  • 19:00:00
  • Snowshoe Mountain


  • Jan 21
  • 20:00:00


  • $20.00


*CANCELLED due to weather*
Standard Cass, over-night Snowshoe trip

December 23 (Saturday):
8:00AM Meet at Student Activities Building Parking Lot (between the intersection of Ald Rd & Stadium Rd and the AFC)
11:00AM Arrive at Snowshoe
1:00PM Lunch at Shaver’s Center
4:00PM Stay at Snowshoe or Night Ski

December 24 (Sunday):
8:00AM Breakfast at Cass
9:30AM Ski/Snowboard all day
1:00PM Lunch at Shaver’s Center
4:00PM Leave Snowshoe

Club Provides:
Rides or gas reimburse
All the food except lunches (there will be PB&J ingredients)
Some money for lodging
Awesome memories

You provide:
snowboard/ski or money to rent
ski/snowboard gear – helmet, gloves, etc
warm/waterproof clothing – many many layers
Sleeping bag (there will be more people than there are beds)
extra money for food if you don’t like frozen PB&J

(The actual total cost of lodging will depend on the number of people sign up and the size of the houses that I book, but will be around $10-20 so the extra money will be returned to you at the end of the trip)
earplugs if you are a light sleeper

Day Lift Pass: $75 if you do not have a season pass
Ski/Snowboard Walk-Up Rental: $37 per day
You can do a season-rental for about $150 at Freestyle. Another option is to buy a used gear. It’s all up to how much you are committed.

Everyone is waitlisted until I receive the check. I will send out an email about the location and time to meet. As always, drivers get priority on this trip.

If you must withdraw before the trip, I will try to pull someone from the waitlist to cover for your deposit. But you are ultimately responsible for finding a replacement




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