Skydiving Skydiving


  • Feb 9
  • 05:40:00
  • Dillard Dumpster


  • Feb 9
  • 09:00:00
  • Bearfence Mountain Trail


  • Feb 8
  • 21:00:00


  • $5.00


If you’ve been up to date on what other trip leaders have been up to, you’ll know that not one, but TWO other trip leaders have attempted to venture up the Bearfence Mountain Trail to catch a glimpse at what glorious sunrise might be visible from its peak. And they both failed tragically.

Now this is my first EVER sunrise hike, so either I’ve gone insane or I’ve compromised my strict personal code regarding when is an appropriate time to wake up. Nonetheless, I’m expecting this to be a good time.

Here’s the schedule (which I’m pretty much ripping from Ali Sullivan’s previous attempt):

5:40-Meet at ***** DILLARD DUMPSTER *****
5:45- Get the heck outta dodge
6:45-Get to the trailhead
7:18-The sun rises and we take some hella fine pics to be posted on the interwebs
9ish- Home in time for my 10am (why am I doing this again????)

Dress warm, bring snax, lotso water, good jokes, music if you want?, and potentially a newborn to sacrifice to Ra, the Egyptian Sun God as he rises from his slumber.

I do not have a car!!!!! Expect to be waitlisted until enough drivers sign up!
Remember, drivers are reimbursed for gas plus given a 50% tip! Not only do you get to spend a morning with me, you get paid to do so! Talk about a win-win (haha plz drivers I need you)! Additionally, those with SNP passes may or may not get priority.




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