Whitewater Rafting Whitewater Rafting


  • Oct 18
  • 09:00:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Oct 19
  • 22:00:00
  • Ray's Campground (Hico, WV)


  • Oct 15
  • 11:30:00


  • $118.54


This trip used to be a club annual tradition, but interest in leading them dropped due to the turnover in club leaders and because of the prices skyrocketing when, what use to be numerous small rafting companies, conglomerated into a few big companies. Time to bring this tradition back with the help of the Outdoors Club at Virginia Tech (OCVT). Together we’re going to try to get enough rafters to get a sweet group discount: $118.54 (~30% discount!!). Keep reading…

The Upper Gauley is a world class white water playground, and for 23 days each fall the water level is controlled by the release from the Summersville Dam, bringing the flow to around 4,000 CuFt./Sec. (that’s fast!) and making this section ranked 2nd in the nation, 7th in the world for white water! There are 5 exhilerating class V rapids and numerous class IVs. Whether you’re an expert rafter or have never been, the Gauley is where its at!

Experienced guides from the ACE Adventure Resort will be guiding us through the monstrous drops and over the roller coaster waves. We’ll divide up into 14 foot (6+ people) rafts, where each guide/raft will offer different levels of excitement, depending on what you’re looking for (however, we’ll be going on the last day of Gauley season where the guides like to go BIG).

For more info about rafting with ACE check out:

Saturday the 18th is Bridge Day: West Virginia’s largest 1-day celebration which is held atop the New River bridge – the world’s 2nd longest arch bridge which spans the New River Gorge and is only a few miles from camp. From there you can join in with the festivities and watch the B.A.S.E jumpers as they parachute off the bridge down into the gorge below. Or you can go exploring throughout the numerous surrounding trails.

For more info about Bridge Day check out: http://officialbridgeday.com/

It may be cold and there’s always a chance for rain. Dress warmly with plenty of layers. You can rent wetsuits and windbreakers for (I need to check on gear rental pricing and if the club will cover a portion of that). However, the club owns some wetsuits and paddle jackets; The first to sign up AND pay in full will have their pick of these on a first come, first served basis.

Meet at Echols at 9am on the morning of Saturday, 10/18 then make our way to Ray’s Campground. We’ll grab lunch on the road then set up camp when we get to Ray’s. From there its a short drive to the bridge but will probably be a decent hike along the road to the event (the road will be lined with cars on either side of the bridge). Once we get our fill of watching BASE jumpers fall toward the New River we’ll head back to camp and get the party rolling with the OCVT crew. For dinner you will need to provide your own or bring money. Same for breakfast Sunday morning (I’ll probably head into the nearby town, Fayetteville, to a wonderful pre-adventure dining venue called the Cathedral Cafe). After breakfast we’ll make our way to ACE and then have an awesome time rafting the Upper Gauley! ACE will provide lunch on the water (about half way through), and then after rafting we’ll tear down camp and head home.

Unlike other trips, signing up for this is NOT FIRST COME FIRST SERVED, instead, its FIRST PAY FIRST SERVED – When you sign up you’ll be put on the waitlist and then moved to the trip list after you have payed. To pay you can call 304-469-0102 to speak to Ashton directly (the person who set up our reservation and gave us the discount) and pay over the phone via credit card. You should mention that the reservation # is 147315 and that you are with the OCVT-OUVA trip.

Once you pay, please forward me your confirmation letter or email me your confirmation number. dclark@virginia.edu.

**The pay deadline is Monday 10/13; on 10/14 I will withdraw those that have not paid**

Camping Fees, gas money, wetsuit or paddle jacket for some (first pay, first served), perhaps a portion of wetsuit paddle jacket rental cost (need to check on this…), neoprene booties (limited sizes/supplies), tents, sleeping bags and pads, and seat in car.

Clothing layers (NO COTTON! – avoid if you can; wear wool or synthetics, e.g. polypropylene, capilene, fleece, etc) dress warmly, you will get wet. River sandals, aqua socks, or old tennis shoes for your feet, if you have them; tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag if you have them; snacks, water, money for food and to rent wetsuit and jacket, towel, toiletries (there are bathrooms with hot showers at Ray’s), ways to entertain yourself at the campsite.




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