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  • Oct 16
  • 12:00:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Oct 17
  • 21:00:00
  • Songer White Water, Inc., Fayetteville, WV


  • Oct 14
  • 19:00:00


  • $102.00


*Those of you who replied to my email earlier still have to officially join the trip.*

The upper Gauley is a world class white water mecca, and was home to the 2001 white water championships. For 23 days each fall the water level is controlled by the release from the Summersville Dam, bringing the flow to around 4,000 CuFt./Sec. (that’s fast!) and making this section ranked 2nd in the nation, 7th in the world for white water! There are 5 exhilerating class V rapids, and numerous class IVs. Whether you’re an expert rafter or have neer been, the Gauley is where its at!

Experienced guides from Songer White Water, Inc. will be guiding us through the monsterous water falls and over the roller coaster waves. We’ll be divided up into several rafts where each guide/raft will offer different levels of excitement, depending on what you’re looking for (however, this is the last day of Gauley season – where the guides like to go BIG). Also, you can choose between the normal size (8 person) rafts, and the high adventure rafts (4 person, $20 extra). This is Songer’s description of the high adventure raft option:

“Our high adventure trips are outfitted in light, maneuverable 13-foot rafts with experienced, skilled guides. These trips take the most aggressive lines on the river, offering you a truly adventurous rafting trip. Our Lower Gauley River high adventure rafts are outfitted for up to 6 paddlers, while our Upper Gauley River trips allow up to 4 paddlers.This trip option requires good health and high endurance. We must reserve the right to turn down a request for high adventure rafts if we believe you are not well suited to the rigors of this adventure, or if water levels do not allow.”

You have been warned…you MUST be able to paddle hard for several hours to choose this option, and you should also be prepared to get thrown out of the boat and have to swim through some rapids. You probably should not select this option unless you have previous paddling experience…keep in mind, the 8 person rafts will still give you a wet and wild ride!

Saturday the 16th is Bridge Day – West Virginia’s largest 1-day celebration, and is atop the New River bridge – the world’s longest arch bridge which spans the New River Gorge and is only a few miles from camp. From there you can join in with the festivities and watch the B.A.S.E jumpers as they parachute off the bridge down into the gorge below. Or you can go exploring throughout the numerous surrounding trails by foot or bike. It is also possible to raft the New River on Saturday with Songer (a great warm up for the Sunday Gauley trip) if there is sufficient interest. Please let me know as soon as possible if you want to do this! (It will probably be an extra $50 or so).

It may be cold and there’s always a chance for rain. Dress warm, with plenty of layers. If you have a tent, sleeping bag, and/or pad, please bring them as we will be camping out Saturday night. Once everyone is signed up we will go over together what gear is available to those who don’t have everything they need. The club has 4 wetsuits and 6 windbreakers. If additional people want wetsuits/windbreakers, they can be rented at Songer, and everyone using a wetsuit/windbreaker (including those using the club’s gear) will split the rental cost to make it fair.

Carpooling will be arranged ahead of time. Those that need rides will be picked up at Echols on Saturday at appropriate times. During the day, groups of people can do as they choose – hiking, biking, watch BASE jumpers, raft the New. We will have a club-funded dinner together on Saturday night at camp.

SUNDAY – 8:00 AM Breakfast (provided by Songer). DEPART FOR GAULEY AT 9 AM! Rafting will take 5-6 hours. They provide lunch on the river as well as a cookout after the trip. When we’re all done eating, you’ll meet with the car/people you arrived with, pack up, and head back to C’ville.

Unlike other trips, signing up for this is NOT FIRST COME FIRST SERVE, instead, its FIRST PAY FIRST SERVE – When you sign up you’ll be put on the waitlist, and when you get your money to me you’ll be put on the trip list. If you want to raft in an 8 person boat, the total is $102. To raft in a 4 person high adventure boat, the total cost is $122. I am paying the deposit, so there is no immediate rush getting your money in, but try to have it in within the next two weeks so I can let Songer know exactly how many rafts and what kind they need to reserve for us. You can pay cash or check; if writing a check make it out to me: “Marc Schwartz” and either email or call me (804-347-9274) to set up a time to meet me and give it to me, or leave it in my mailbox: 32 University Circle, Apt. 201. DON’T leave cash in my mailbox, only checks. If you drop your money off there, send me an email or call anyway to let me know so I can be sure to pick it up promptly. The money is paying for all of the following: camping near the river Sat. night, breakfast, lunch, and a cookout dinner Sunday, and of course the rafting trip on Sunday.

UVA Outdoors provides:
Meals on Saturday, gas money, Tents, sleeping bags and pads, and a seat in a car. We’ll discuss this more later.

You should bring:
Clothing layers (NO COTTON! – avoid if you can; wear wool, polypropylene, capilene, fleece) dress warm, you will get wet. River sandals, aqua socks, or old tennis shoes for your feet. Tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag if you have them, snacks, water, money to rent wetsuit and jacket, towel, toiletries (they have bathrooms with hot showers), and they have a bar so bring money and your ID for drinks.

…sorry about the book-long description! 🙂

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