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  • Apr 9
  • 1:00 pm
  • Multiple Locations & Dates


  • Apr 10
  • 12:00 am
  • Multiple Locations & Dates


  • Apr 4
  • 4:59 am


  • $225


  • Camp Holiday Trails, Holiday Trails Lane, Charlottesville, VA, USA


[This is *not* an overnight course — it runs two days and ends at 7pm each day.]

Learn how to save life and limb in an
> urban disaster (natural or terrorist)
> rural area (not near a hospital)
> travel anywhere
> wilderness area

PANDEMIC SAFETY: There shalt be zero virus transmission in this class. Here are the class safety protocols: https://solowfa.com/class-safety-protocols.html

Pre- and post-pandemic, we’ll have our usual $25 discount for Outdoors at UVAers; afraid I can’t afford discounts at this time, just makin’ it by. The good news is that this course is NOT the $305 that REI now charges — yikes! That’s ***$80 SAVINGS*** per person, and this class is much more in-depth and hands-on!

BONUS if you’re a trip leader: Earn most of your course FEE BACK BY REIMBURSEMENT! Details: https://outdoorsatuva.org/resources/ If you lead enough adventures to get the maximum reimbursement and if that still doesn’t cover your fee fully, and being a student you kinda need it to, let me know and I’ll pay ya back the rest personally, in appreciation of your awesomeness in leading for this rad club.

Free for some UVA employees! Academic employees can take this class for free if it directly relates to your current work position or field of study. Register and pay for the class to save yourself a spot, then apply for Education Benefits program reimbursement: http://hr.virginia.edu/hr-for-you/university-staff/university-staff-benefits/education-benefits/
The money will come back to you in your paycheck (quite possibly your next paycheck, or at longest within about a month of applying). Note: this benefit does not apply to Health System employees — just academic.

Spaces limited, classes often fill up.
REGISTER AT: www.solowfa.com
More info below.

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Course SCHEDULE (2 days, 8:00am – 7pm each day):
> Feb 26-27, 2022 …….. CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA
> Mar 5 – 6 …….. Wilmington area, NC
> Mar 12-13 …….. Washington, DC area
> Mar 19-20 …….. Farmville, VA
> Mar 26-27 …….. Blacksburg, VA
> Mar 26-27 …….. Chattanooga, TN
> Mar 26-27 …….. Norfolk, VA
> Mar 26-27 …….. Triangle + Triad areas, NC
> Apr 9-10 …….. Macon, GA
> Apr 23-24 …….. Lexington, VA
> Apr 30-May 1 …….. Richmond, VA
> May 14-15 …….. Triangle area, NC
> May 21-22 …….. Norfolk, VA
> May 21-22 …….. Savannah, GA
> May 28-30 …….. SPECIALTY SERIES: in Thru-hiker town in mountains near Blacksburg, VA
> Jun 4 – 5 …….. Washington, DC area
> Jun 11-12 …….. CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA
> Jun 25-26 …….. SPECIALTY SERIES: Advanced WFA Pt. II, at Twin Mtn Off Road Adv, WV
> Aug. 15or16 – 23or24 … SPECIALTY SERIES: Wilderness First Responder (9-day) course, near Spruce Knob, WV
> Sep 3 – 5 …….. SPECIALTY SERIES: Mountain-top weekend retreat (dWFA, sunset short hike, campfires, starry nights, sandy beach, optional CPR/AED on Sep. 4, and more) at Mountain Lake Biological Station near Blacksburg, VA

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> No prerequisites
> For adults and teens with solid attention spans. Know your loved ones are safe wherever they are.
> Hands-on learn how to care for an injured / ill person during the critical minutes or hours before ambulance / hospital arrival
> Blend of classroom instruction & hands-on rescue scenario practice
> Approved by the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), Girl Scouts of the USA, American Camping Association (ACA), University of Virginia (100% reimbursement for academic employees!), and more
> 2-year SOLO WFA certification
> Counts as recertification for WFA, AWFA, WFR and wilderness part of W-EMT
> Flyer: https://solowfa.com/assets/pdf/dtWFA_flyer_generic_latest.pdf
> Testimonials: see below

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Mired in a disaster zone, rural area far from hospital, or natural area miles from an access point … accidents, destructive weather, and terrorism happen, and all-too-often members of a group are not capable of dealing with the emergency. This leads to improper care of the patient, and endangers the entire group. Many recreational accidents are preventable, and improper care of trauma can compound even simple injuries. Very few first aid programs actually address the issues of providing emergency care in a setting where 911 is overwhelmed or not immediately reachable. In this course, classroom instruction and Q&A are interwoven with practical work and problem-solving exercises. Hands-on experience – a most powerful learning tool – during scenarios comprise ~50% of class. 8am – 7pm both days; you come away with actual do-it-yourself care-giving confidence.

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> Beyond the ‘golden hour’: wilderness/disaster-delayed EMS arrival injury challenges and long-term patient care
> Patient Assessment System: thorough patient examination, treatment, monitoring, safety, and documentation
> Orthopedic Injuries and Treatment: Sprains, Strains, Fractures, and Spinal Cord Management
> Circulatory System Form and Function: Heart, Blood, Blood Vessels, Lungs, Brain
> Soft Tissue Injuries and Wound Treatment: Contusions, Abrasions, Lacerations, Flap Avulsions, Amputation, Punctures, Impalements,
> Bites, Stings, Blisters, Burns, and Infections
> Environmental Injuries and Treatment: Cold, Heat, Dehydration and Wilderness Survival
> Medical Emergencies and Critical Care: Shock, Allergies, Shortness of Breath, Brain Problems, and Heart Problems
> Patient movement: spinal cord precautions and clearing; pre- and post-evacuation treatment
> International Travel: preparing & packing for safe travel, problem prevention before and during travel, and identification & treatment of many travel illnesses – presented in a special hand-out for those who indicate interest

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Instructor: Matthew Rosefsky, Geo Medic, Wilderness EMT, Street Medic, CERT, MRC, SOLO Instructor-Trainer, and … co-Founder of Outdoors at UVa; or a top-notch, highly-qualified individual Matt personally trained via the apprenticeship model.

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TESTIMONIALS (those without names are from post-course anonymous feedback forms):

“The course blew my expectations out of the water.” April 2013

“I was … in denial about what could go wrong in a hike. I feel much more prepared now. Everyone who hikes should take this course!” March 2008

“It was the *very best* first aid I ever attended and I’ve attended many.” March 2012

“The numerous examples of hands-on practice in evaluating, moving and treating patients gave us lots of practice in applying what we learned.” October 2007

“Best instructor on the East Coast (based on 4 other courses).” December 2012

“The encyclopedia knowledge of the instructor. The instructor’s willingness to address questions, and willingness to provide individualized attention.” November 2012

“When I walked in the door, the idea of being responsible for someone in a backcountry {or disaster} medical emergency was terrifying. Now I feel confident that I can help.” March 2008

“I came upon a motorcycle accident with 3 injured people. I was able to preserve their lives because of my SOLO training.” – 2-day course graduate Jacquie W., 10/31/2013

“Shortly after receiving my WFA cert … I was one of the first to arrive at the rolled SUV and assessed the scene. Most of the emergent volunteers were milling around the SUV, wondering what to do … I took control to treat her … Police and fire/rescue had not yet arrived, although plenty of 911 calls went out … I credit being able to successfully treat my ‘patient’ to your WFA training.” Ian K., 6/5/2008

“Take the class, Save a life!” July 2008

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Facebook: www.facebook.com/medicwfa

REGISTRATION ONLINE + MORE INFO: http://www.solowfa.com/




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