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Greetings outdoorsians,

Around New Years I’m going to New Hampshire for some winter shenanigans – mainly to take a class on avalanche hazard management with another club member, Josh McVeigh, but also to do some night skiing after the class. I had a great time leading a similar trip last year (, so I figured I should make this one a club trip too!

~~~~~ THE PLAN (A brief primer) ~~~~~
On Friday December 28th, we’ll leave from Charlottesville to drive ~12 hours to the White Mountain Hostel in North Conway, New Hampshire. We’ll then use the hostel as our basecamp for the next 3 days to launch into various activities.

– Josh and I will be taking an avalanche class during the days (more info below if you’re interested!), and probably skiing/boarding at night.
– Presumably other people that sign up for this trip will go skiing/boarding during the days at the various resorts near our hostel (Cranmore, Bretton Woods, Wildcat, etc.) After celebrating New Years on Monday night and having exhausted our poor bodies, we’ll make the drive back to Cville on Tuesday, January 1st. Please read ALL of the following details below before signing up for this adventure.

~~~~~ LODGING ~~~~~
We’ll be sleeping at the White Mountain Hostel for the duration of the trip. Cost is $34 per night, check-in is on Friday night (12/28/2018 ) and check out is on Tuesday morning (1/1/2018 ). As of the time of this writing (10/27), the hostel still has plenty of room.

~~~~~ FOOD ~~~~~
There will be no official group meals coordinated by me, so you should plan to prepare your own food at the hostel’s kitchen or buy food at the ski resorts, local restaurants, etc. I personally will be aiming to cook at the hostel every night.

2 of us on this trip will be taking a 3-day class though Synnott Mountain Guides on Saturday-Monday. If you are interested, please let me know on the trip questionnaire. The class costs $400, and more information about it/the sign-up can be found here:

Everyone must take care of purchasing their own lift tickets and/or renting their own ski gear. As it becomes clear who is coming on the trip, a group chat will be formed and everyone can decide on what resorts we will go to on the different days, at which point you can purchase lift tickets.

~~~~~ Day-by-Day Itinerary ~~~~~

Here’s the fleshed out itinerary:

Friday 12/28: Leave from Cville at ~7am, arrive at the White Mountain Hostel at ~7-8pm. Check in, hang out, sleep.

Saturday 12/29 – Monday 12/31: Ski/Board and shred the gnar, or take the avalanche course with Josh and I.

Tuesday 1/1: Check out of the Hostel and drive back to Cville. Driving time ~12 hours.

~~~~~ APPROXIMATE TOTAL COSTS (per person) ~~~~~
Lodging = (($34 + $3 tax)*4 nights at the hostel) – ($5/night club indoor lodging reimbursement) = ~$128 total

Depending on the resort chosen, lift tickets for 3 days of skiing on a holiday weekend can cost anywhere from $200-$500. This cost will become more clear once we’ve decided where to book tickets. Unfortunately, since this trip will occur during a holiday weekend, it will be a little more expensive than usual.

If taking the avalanche course, the cost will be $400, and maybe a little more if we tip the guides.

Total Gas = ~($150-200 per car) – ($150 club gas reimbursement) = $0-$13 per person per car (assuming full cars of 4 people) – This cost might vary.

You must handle your own food, and gear rental expenses.


1. Join the adventure and answer the questionnaire
2. If you are NOT on the waitlist, then there is car space for you. Please pay for the appropriate days’ lodging at the White Mountain Hostel online as soon as possible (you will need to pay up front $148) and email me ( a copy of your White Mountain Hostel receipt for planning and reimbursement purposes.
3. If you ARE on the waitlist, this means that there is no car space for you. Wait until you are removed from the waitlist to proceed to step 2. Until you get off the waitlist, please hold off on buying lift tickets as well. (see below)

NOTE: Do NOT pay for lodging until you have been removed from the waitlist and are absolutely sure you can come on this trip. This is because the White Mountain Hostel does NOT refund cancellations for holiday weekends reservations.

DRIVERS NEEDED!!! All drivers will automatically get a 50% tip and gas fully reimbursed!! (Capped at $20 tip)

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at,
but please make sure you’ve read all of the above first.

So in conclusion,
Ride or Die.

~ Zakey




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