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  • Jan 8
  • 08:00:00
  • Millington, NJ


  • Jan 14
  • 08:00:00
  • Jay Peak, VT


  • Oct 30
  • 23:59:00


  • $194.00


The skinny of the trip is this: Drive to Jay Peak, VT. Ski/Snowboard for Four amazing days, hopefully in fresh powder. Possibly visit Canada/Montreal. Drive home. Estimated cost $194+. This is a STEAL!

Sun 8 Jan – Arrive at Jay Peak in the Afternoon
Mon 9 Jan – Ski Jay
Tue 10 Jan – Ski Jay
Wed 11 Jan – Visit Montreal, snowshoe, sleep, etc
Thu 12 Jan – Ski Jay
Fri 13 Jan – Ski Jay
Sat 14 Jan – Drive Home Early

Lift Tickets: $104
Lodging: $80
Rentals: $25/day (w/ 20+ ppl)
Gasoline: ~$10
Food: Depends how much you eat out, could be $0
TOTAL: $194 (22 people, no rental, no extra food)

We’ll be staying in one big house, 10 minutes from Jay Peak. Check it out:

Skiier/Boarders of all levels are welcome. By signing up here, you’re saying that you are 90% sure you can go. If you’re less sure than that, email me but do not sign up. By Oct 30, you must be 99.9% sure.

I will require a deposit of about $50-$100 at the end of October or mid-November. This will be non-refundable, but transferable (if you find someone to take your spot). If you have a friend you want to bring, get him/her to join the club ASAP.

There is a lot of information associated with this trip, check out: for more information.

Everyone will be waitlisted. I will add people once they give me thier money. The limit is 22 people, but sign up if you’re interested. The trip is currently 50/50 guys/girls, if you were wondering.

IMPORTANT – The “Do you have a car?” question really means, “Do you have a car at wherever you will be in early January that you own/can borrow to drive to VT with?”




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