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  • Dec 5
  • 09:00:00
  • Student Book Store


  • Dec 5
  • 19:00:00
  • Student Book Store


  • Dec 4
  • 14:00:00


  • $185.00


To buy the pass, just stop by the The Student Book Store on the Corner on friday the 5th. Wintergreen reps will be there working with VASST to sell passes and they will take your picture and 185 from you and print a pass there. Email me if you have questions.

Yes, the rumors are true. In order to compete with Snowshoe, Wintergreen Mountain is also offering discount passes to us. They even beat Snowshoe’s price! For $189 you can have skiing/snowboarding any day of the week!

Wait… isn’t the Snowshoe pass only $200? Why not spend the marginal $11 to get access to a much better mountain?

Short answer is: Do spend the extra $11 and get a Snowshoe pass IN ADDITION to the Wintergreen pass.

Wintergreen is only 45 min away.

Proximity is key here. Wintergreen is perfect for some after school shred sessions. You can even go before lab to take the edge off of work.

If you’re looking to pick up skiing or snowboarding this year, this is the pass for you. Wintergreen is perfect for learning! A standard midweek lift ticket is $47. You make the money from the pass back in 4 visits! $189 isn’t bad for an entire season of riding, considering we have a ton of trips there (usually on the order of 2-4 a week, with free gas!). The cost of a pass is roughly equivalent to one of my textbooks, a week’s worth of meals at the dining hall, or a weekend in DC. That’s a steal for an entire season of riding.

The way this deal works is similar to the Snowshoe pass. We will meet at Clark Hall on Monday December 1st at 6PM sharp. We will exchange some monies, fill out a form, and you can pick up your pass a week later. If you cannot make this time, I will email everyone closer to the date with instructions on how to get me the money.

Another cool part of this deal is you don’t need to be in the Outdoor’s Club to take advantage of our hookups. Tell your friends, tell your professors (seriously some come with), tell your mom. They can come to the sign up time (or if they can’t make it, forward them those instructions I’ll send out).

Think about it.

== everyone will be waitlisted, but it has no affect on whether or not you get the pass ==




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