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  • Jan 10
  • 17:30:00
  • Pluto


  • Jan 10
  • 18:00:00
  • Wintergreen Resort


  • Jan 10
  • 17:00:00


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**NEW NOTE: Please sign up by Wed. 12/18 if at all possible.** Wintergreen ski/snowboard mountain is just 45 minutes or so away and is decent for learning how to ski / snowboard and improve your skills. The best deal there is the season pass, valid from 12:30pm Sundays through Friday nights (i.e. not valid Saturdays, though with the pass you can get $5 off Saturday rates). If we can get 20 interested members, we’ll get a discounted rate of $119 for a season lift ticket, and $89 for a season ski/snowboard rental pass if you need one. These prices include tax. Regular prices currently are $10 more each, and will be $20 more each after Christmas day. // The next best deals at Wintergreen are College Nights, which are every Tuesday and Thursday after January 1st; each time you go it’s $25 for a lift pass (choose 9am-4:30pm or 12:30pm-10pm) and $25 for rentals if you simply show your college ID. // If you want to buy a season pass at the discounted rate and don’t mind waiting until January 15th (first day of classes) to receive it, please click “join this adventure.” Sorry, club bux can’t be used. Note: there is a chance that even though we have nearly 300 members, we won’t get 20 to sign up … in which case you’ll be on your own to buy a pass unfortunately at the regular price. // If you are interested in leading ski and/or snowboard trips, please join this adventure or email Matt at It would be really cool if someone would lead regular trips each week. This would be a great way to become an officer if that’s something you want. // For info on Wintergreen please surf to the website provided below. // If you already bought a season pass, sorry but we’re not able to get a retroactive discount for you.

Outdoors at UVa provides:

Discount negotiated on Wintergreen season passes, if we get 20 or more people to sign up

You must bring:

$119 for a season lift ticket pass, and/or $89 for a season ski/snowboard rental pass.




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