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Have you ever thought about embarking on a backpacking trip lasting a month or more? Perhaps you’ve considered hiking one of the country’s several National Scenic Trails but don’t know where to go for information or have entertained it as a side thought, thinking, “Some day, I could see myself….” If you’re one of these people, come to this workshop and let me do my best to convince you that you need to go out and pursue these aspirations now!

I will give a brief overview of what long-distance hiking entails, touching upon issues of WHY HIKE, nutrition, weight (what to carry), resupply options, information sources, etc. For the remainder, and majority of the workshop, I will answer your questions about backpacking and long-distance hiking / thru-hiking.

National Scenic Trails:
Appalachian Trail (Georgia to Maine)
Continental Divide Trail (Mexico to Canada)
Pacific Crest Trail (Mexico to Canada)
Florida Trail (Florida)
Ice Age Trail (Wisconsin)
Natchez Trace Trail
North Country Trail
Potomac Heritage Trail

Other Long Distance Trails:
Long Trail (Vermont)
John Muir Trail (California)
International Appalachian Trail (Maine, New Brunswick, Quebec)
Te Araroa Trail (New Zealand)
Colorado Trail (Colorado)
Sea to Sea Trail (Pacific to Atlantic)
East Coast Trail (Everglades to Gaspe Peninsula)
Great Eastern Trail (Everglades to Canada)
American Discovery Trail
Mountains to Sea Trail (??? to Outer Banks, NC)
And More!




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