Climbing (Indoor Bouldering) Climbing (Indoor Bouldering)


  • Oct 18
  • 05:00 PM
  • Slaughter Climbing Center


  • Oct 18
  • 07:00 PM
  • Slaughter Climbing Center but now you're ripped???


  • Oct 16
  • 03:00 PM


  • $000000


  • Slaughter Recreation Center, Edgemont Road, Charlottesville, VA, USA


YAY BOULDERING this is an affinity trip- WTF (women, trans, femme)- so if that’s you and you want to try out bouldering or just have a super awesome cool group to go to slaughter with on Wednesday then sign uppp

I’m not qualified to be teaching a bouldering class or anything but I can provide pointers/help if needed! Slaughter has everything you need (shoes, chalk). I recommend wearing clothes you feel comfortable being flexible/absolutely yolked in. If this is your first time going to slaughter you’ll have to fill out a waiver and watch a safety video. If you could do this ahead of time it would make registration faster for you but you can also just do that when you arrive.

– We will meet at slaughter at 5- you can find me sitting on a couch in the corner wearing a red shirt.
– Climb from 5-7 or until you are too pumped to continue on (no pressure to be there for 2 hours at all)
– Leave slaughter enlightened with knowledge of bouldering and 10lbs of new muscle mass.




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