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  • Jan 20
  • 08:00:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Jan 20
  • 17:00:00
  • White Grass Touring Center


  • Jan 19
  • 23:00:00


  • $40.00


Hey g0o0ons:

Feel like chasing pow while eschewing the not-so-vigorous reliance on ski lifts to gain elevation? Don’t want to drop the cheddar required to do downhill skiing? Want to try out the most calorie-burning form of aerobic exercise around? Then come cross-country skiing at Whitegrass Resort with me and Brian Meffle!


This is going to be an overnight trip. We’ll drive up early Saturday morning, leaving around 8am, ski all day Saturday, hang out at Purple Fiddle (a hostel in the area), sleep wherever you want (you can choose to stay at the hostel, winter camp, or sleep on the floor of my van), and then drive home Sunday after a leisurely morning. If enough people are interested we can arrange to stop for a hike on the way back!


Peep the website below, but basically we are going to be skiing (snow depth permitting, looking good so far) at Whitegrass, which is a cross-country skiing only resort about 3 hours from Cville.


You’re on your own for food, but we can stop at a grocery store on our way out if you’d like to get some grub for the weekend. Otherwise there’s a rad natural foods cafe at the resort, as well as lots of hip restaurants, microbreweries, cafes, etc. in nearby Davis, WV.


For lodging you have options: 1) stay at the Purple Fiddle, a sweet hostel in Thomas (~20 min drive from the ski area), with Brian (the co-leader); 2) Come winter camping with me. I live in a van, and said van will be one of the vehicles on the trip, so I’m gonna be sleeping as I normally do, but any other brave souls can join me outside of Davis somewhere and set up a tent outside the van (or sleep on the floor of the van, space permitting).

Either way, if you are in the hostel with Brian or camping with me, we will reconvene in the morning and do everything else together!


A day pass to the ski area is $20, and ski rental is also $20! Beyond that, costs are lodging and food. For food you’re on your own. For lodging, you’ll get $5 reimbursed by the club if you stay in the Purple Fiddle ($25/night). The trip fee says $40, but that is just a cost estimate for the cheapest option of no hostel.


You!! This is a beginner friendly trip, so even if you have never done cross-country skiing, you are more than welcome. Whitegrass is all about spreading love for the sport, not to take your money, so they offer a $6 crash course on how to do it! If there are folks of different levels, we can split up into smaller groups.

I have actually never been to Whitegrass before, but Brian, the co-leader, has been many times and will be our inside man!

We will actually not be needing any drivers for this trip as my van and Brian’s car have enough capacity to take the maximum number of attendees!

Shoot me a text at 941-993-3320 if you have any questions.





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