Helloooo, my fellow dirt lovers!!! This year we’ve had a proliferation of trail-related service trips — from corridor clearing, mapping and designing a trail, benching, tracking signage, litter obliteration, and maybe some birthing vibes thrown in there — and I want to express my deepest and most heartfelt gratitude to every person who made these trail ventures possible. We started the year as a bunch of newbies chomping on Bodo’s and ended it as a united TRAIL CREW, and here’s to a year of even more dynamic trail times ahead. So for everyone who came out on a trail trip this year, and everyone who’s planning to hop in next year (we want you!!!), please revel in this video and let’s GET HYPE FOR ODC TRAIL CREW 2022-2023!!!!!!


Also — this fall we’ll be looking for someone to assume the wondrous role of TRAIL CREW LEADER. You would essentially take over for me as I pursue more broad ODC-service pursuits, but we’ll be collaborating the whole time and you’ll have the agency to take the trail crew in new directions with much support and guidance along the way. We’ll open applications next semester, so for now let the seed prosper and if you wanna talk more, send an electronic tendril to me at anytime!!!!

In the meantime, I’ll be wishing you all the most magical of trail moments, and come find me if you talk about trail stuff or just hang!!!! Thank you all so much again for — and this time I think the word truly is fitting — birthing our beloved ODC trail crew.

With so much mud, probably a rogue hoe, and definitely love,

Grace & the Officers