HELLOOO SHRACKIANS!!! You know how ODC has the most boomin parties? You know how sometimes too it’s also fun to reflect deeply with your fellow shracklings whilst partying?? Do you also feel kinda confused how the year is already ending and you wanna embark upon such deep reflection + partay at the same time??


WoW! Speaking of the year ending, do you also feel like you’re in the process of change in some area of your life, perhaps one that is growing…maybe even SWELLING….and preparing to po(o)p out of you into the public world? WELLLLL YOU’RE IN LUCK because the day has finally come for ODC’s COMMUNAL METAPHYSICAL BIRTH.


Here’s the vision: with ponderings of our own life changes and journeys in mind, we shall gather at the Shrack to engage in a series of loosely-birth-themed reflections, in which we shall more deeply unlock and nourish whatever feelings or ponderings have been developing (or festering!!) within. We may contract, we may labor, and we may push. And we shall all do it together, one kiddy pool and sip of homemade mead (shoutout to SustServ committee!!) and small tunnel at a time.


SOOO SEE YOU ALL AT THE SHRACK AT 8PM SATURDAY, COME EXACTLY AS YOU ARE MY FRIENDS. (You don’t wanna be late for dis one we have big plans right at 8:06.9)


This is a “choose your own adventure” partay where you can lean into the birthing as much or little as you’d like: we want this space to feel safe for everyone, and we welcome you exactly as you are. We also do not want to make jokes of the very serious phenomenon of human birth. Instead of oversimplifying the nuances of literal birth, we hope this metaphorical and interpretive theme can serve as a space of bodily empowerment and communal care. We just want to have fun and connect with all you amazing people while trying to chart our course within this crazy web of birth, death, injury, healing, and growth that is life. Please feel free to let us know how you feel about all of this and we would love to talk more <3