Greetings outdoorsy folks,

Do you LOVE this Club? (*Hint: the correct answer is yes, absolutively.) Are you interested in becoming more involved and gaining some dope leadership experience?

What a coinkidink! Outdoors@UVA is currently seeking new officers…… That means YOU!

Being an officer for the Club is a fantastic leadership opportunity and a chance for you to help others enjoy the outdoors. Benefits include:

-Learning the ins-and-outs of Club operations & helping to influence Club policy & decision-making
-Gaining valuable leadership & administrative experience
-Developing your passion while gaining some mad outdoor skillz
-#SendingIt with the weirdest, cooliest, raddest & baddest shredheads on the planet
-Lifetime membership

What does it take to be an officer? Above all, it simply takes a passion for the Club and a love for the outdoors. We look for people who are willing to learn and are always ready to step in and help. Prior leadership and outdoors experience is preferred, but NOT necessary. There are plenty of roles you can serve that don’t require mad outdoor skillz. So…. apply.

We also ask that you lead at least 3 trips before applying to be an officer. We consider the types of trips led and complexity of planning and leading, so keep this in mind as you continue to lead trips.

Once you do that, you can FILL OUT THE APPLICATION using this link:

The officers will review your application at our monthly meetings and contact you with a decision.

If you have any questions about the application or would like to speak to an officer about how they got involved, email us at We thank you for your interest in the GNARLIEST RADNESS EVER TO SHRED THE EARTH and look forward to reading your application!

Peace out girl scouts,
Victoria & the Officers