Remember when you all placed pre orders through that google form pre-spring break?? Well… now your swag is here! And ready to be PICKED UP!!!!!

YOU HAVE 2 WEEKS TO PICK UP YOUR MERCH UNLESS YOU EMAIL US TO TELL US YOU CANT!!!! After that everything leftover will be sold first come first serve to anyone who wants it! So if you did not place a pre order you may still be in luck 🙂

How this will work (if you pre-ordered!):

Come to any one of the regularly scheduled Gear Rooms (check the weekly email for these times!!!)

  • Your merch will be reserved through the gear room on Tuesday, April 2
  • After that, it will be first come first serve for whoever wants to buy merch

Come equipped with cash/check/Paypal/venmo capabilities (paypal is awesome!).

Don’t worry if you forgot exactly what you ordered- we’ve got it all in a big ol’ spreadsheet.

Leave looking so swag.

Though we only ordered the amount of shirts and sweatshirts that are confirmed to go to a loving home, we DO have extra FIVE PANELS!!!! We have approximately 20 extra, so if you didn’t order merch and have seen some ODC five panels on the heads of your fellow dirt gremlins and now you desperately want one, don’t fear, come to the gear room and get one for yourself!!!!!

Happy trails,

Jade  (the reigning email spam champion) & The Officers