Community compost at the shrack!!

Happy Sunday Everyone! 

Our beloved Shred Shack has recently been given the honor of becoming an off-Grounds compost hub. What does this mean?? It means that YOU ALL!! can bring your compost (food scraps, food soiled paper, plant and yard waste) to the Shred Shack for it to be decomposed by our friends from Black Bear Composting. Basically, you collect your compost, and when you’re ready, walk on over to the Shrack (116 Washington Avenue) and drop it off in the green Black Bear composting bin in our front yard –we made a little sign so it’s very easy to find. Every week a truck from Black Bear will whisk away the compost and bring it to their facility so it can be turned into fertilizer and fed to the earth!

This is such an awesome opportunity for us to engage in composting, especially if you don’t have the yard space / time to maintain your own bin! Blackbear just asks that we follow a few rules, the main ones being to place your compost in a paper bag / compostable bag before you put it in the bin, and to only put compostable material in the bin. We’ll put a few extra paper bags near the bin in case you don’t have one.


Check out the attachments for more details on what you can and can’t compost, and also a picture of our bin.

Peace, love, & dirt

Cam and the Officers

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