Howdy, all you crunchy dancing queens!!!

We may not be 17 anymore, but that doesn’t mean we cant have a DISCO…. a COWBOY disco that is!!!!!! Yep, thats right, its the return of the annual dastardly delicious DISCO COWBOY PARTY!!!!!!!

Come join us at 9 pm on Saturday January 20th to celebrate our great return to cville with some joyous boot scootin’ boogieing and ABBA singin! 

Now, you may be asking yourself: what on earth do I wear to a disco cowboy party??? What even is disco cowboy??? Ummmm, only the sparkliest, slayest, sauciest, shreddiest party ever! This is a party for glitter, bell bottoms, cowboy hats, boots, fringe, whatever such campy items you may have laying in your closet. 

Think Dolly Parton, Orville Peck, BEYONCE RENAISSANCE (if you dont know who these are, look them up they will not disappoint). Think the officer corps in this amazing edit I could never top from our previous president:

The beauty here is you can go straight disco, or you can go straight cowboy, or you can mash em up as these legends do. Whatever you have that makes you feel slayest, cowboyest, discoest, put it on and come HOOT HOLLAR AND BOOGIE!!!!!

LOGISTICS: the party will start ~9pm on Saturday the 20th at the Shred Shack aka 116 Washington ave!

We are so excited for the start of another shredtastic semester! Hope to see you there <3

Jade and the Officers