Excitement and Apologies

Hello all ye dirtbags,

You may have noticed you haven’t been getting trip postings from the club, this has been because our email system has been being worked on and was sadly not working. But the successful receipt of this email hopefully proves that it is now working and should confirm that you are an active member of ODC!

We sincerely apologize for the confusion this may have caused. From here on out, you should be receiving trip postings and general club announcements. If you have any questions about the new website, we invite you to play around with it some and then please feel free to contact the officers.

We also wanted to make some quick notes about the website changes. A lot of behind the scenes changes went into this website. Those may have resulted in loss of privileges somewhere in the transition. Please continue to have patience with us and speak with the officers to get those reinstated! There are also many things still being updated and modified as we go, so we apologize if there is some information that is missing. If there is, please check again later or notify an officer and we will make sure you have what you need.

For the trip leaders out there, this is for you: When you post an adventure, it will not immediately go active. It will be “pending” while it waits for officer approval. If it does not go active within the day, or you are on a tight deadline to get it out, please be sure to raise it to the attention of an officer so that they might make sure it has been noticed. This is all a new process and the officers are still learning, so we are sorry if we don’t get to it right away.

Basically, the officers are awesome, so if you really need help, feel free to ask them!


Now, go forth and join/create adventures as you were meant to do!


See you on the trails,

The Officers