While all this warm weather has been amazing, it’s been a constant reminder that this semester is coming to an end ☹. It’s about that time that we start saying goodbye to our lovely fourth year’s as they graduate and go on to do amazing things out in the real world. So join us for one last bonfire THIS THURSDAY at 6pm in the Shrack backyard (116 Washington Ave) as we send them off! To make this fourth year bonfire extra special it’s going to be a potluck as well.

There will be some grub and drinks but bring whatever tasty treats you want, even just yourself, as we celebrate all of the graduating folks. Call it a bonluck or potfire but make sure you come and see everyone. Maybe it’s a friend that you always have a blast with at parties but never get to hang out otherwise. This may be one of your last chances to appreciate them in all their glory!

TDLR: 4th year bonfire potluck send off Thursday May 9th 6pm (NOT JUST FOR FOURTH YEARS EVERYONE COME JOIN)