Gear room times


Gear Rules

Gear Room Schedule:

Mon: (9/5) 4:15 pm —> Ed Aten (434) 326-8868
Tues: 11:00 am —> Phillip Reeves (571) 332-3740
Weds: 11:30 am —> Mitch Lang (804) 955-8990
Thurs: 1:00 pm —> Will Lankford (202) 321-1197
Thurs: 7:00 pm —> Rotating, see weekly email
Fri: 12:00 pm —> Sophia Benmhend (202) 644-0304

Note: these times are subject to change, please check the weekly email



EMAIL THE OFFICERS with about the gear you're wanting to check out 48hrs prior to the start time for when the gear will be checked out.
WhiteWater Gear, please email 4 days prior.

READ OUR GEAR HANDBOOK before checking out and returning gear.

GEAR ROOM PICKUPS hosted by the officers are typically held 3-4times a week (during the semester). Times and Schedules are emailed to all members for reference, and include the hosting Officers information.

If none of the scheduled times work for you, please email the officers several days in advance to arrange your gear pickup.

TEXT THE OFFICERS in charge of your gear pickup if you will be late. Officers usually only stay at the gear room for the time needed to check out gear (20-25min).


ONE WEEK from when it is checked out. Read our Gear Policies for more details.


PROMPTLY RETURN any gear you have checked out after your Adventure.

PERSONALLY RETURN any gear you have checked out to the Gear Room Officer.

REMEMBER you are responsible for the gear you check out, so return it with a relatively reasonable condition as to when you checked it out. Make sure all gear is present, is clean, and is dry upon gear check in. Your ability to return gear, and take care of the gear, will affect your ability to check out gear in the future.


You may also purchase ODC t-shirts, hoo rags, bucket hats, and more at the gear room! Ask your Gear Officer for details.


1 - Start at Echols Dorm
2 - Go right on McCormick
3 - Turn right on Alderman Rd
4 - Take a left on Leake Drive
5 - Walk to the end of the road. There are several buildings and parking on either side.
6 - Pass a picnic table on the right. Keep going!
7 - Walk straight to the first big maintenance building directly ahead.
8 -Walk behind the building on the left side. Walk up the stairs
9 - End: Knock on the door.

Gear Room Map

Gear Policies

Overdue Gear

ONE WEEK after you check out your gear, if you haven't emailed or communicated to a Gear Officer of extenuating circumstances inhibiting the return of your gear, you'll get an email notifying you to return your now overdue gear.

Keeping gear past its due date is a UVA Honor Offense. Habitually being overdue will end up with your gear privileges being reduced or suspended. 

TWO WEEKS past your gear return due date will result in your suspension from joining any Adventures.

30 (THIRTY) DAYS overdue will result in the gear being considered stolen. We will request the money necessary for the gear replacement. Failure to respond within a week to contact attempts at this point will result in more drastic measures (potentially an Honor Code Violation via the Honor Council).

Lost Gear

REPLACE or pay an Officer the replacement cost of the lost gear. Some gear must be purchased new to be considered replaced, like climbing gear. Please confer with an Officer about specific gear replacement requirements before purchasing the replacement yourself.

PAYING REPLACEMENT COST ONLINE via our Donation Page PayPal link, is acceptable. Please notify a Gear Officer of the transaction if choosing this option.

Broken Gear

REPAIRING broken gear, where safety is still upheld, is acceptable and expected. A Gear Officer will check and approve any repair.

REPLACING gear that has been broken, instead of repairing it, is sometimes necessary when safety is a concern. Climbing gear falls into this category the most. A Gear Officer may request a repaired gear item be replaced instead, if there is a safety concern with the repair. This is in an effort to uphold safety and trust in our club gear.

Mountain Bikes

STORE ALL BIKES INDOORS to protect them from rain damage and theft. Our bikes are costly to maintain and buy. All members are expected to take extremely good care of our bikes.

NO COMMUTING is allowed with our club bikes. While you may not be likely to bend or break a bike while riding around campus, this is a gross misuse of club gear. If it is found you are using club bikes for this purpose, your ability to borrow gear at all will be suspended.

ONLY ONE BIKE may be checked out per member. You may not checkout a second bike for a non-member/visitor.

MAINTENANCE of the bikes is not required, but suggested. We've toyed with the idea in the past of limiting bike checkout to only members who have completed a bike maintenance class, but decided against it in favor of allowing members to have the opportunity to try mountain biking for the first time. That being said, feel free to approach any Officer (text or email) with questions on bike maintenance you may have.

REPAIR OR REPLACE any bike you break or damage. If you choose to have the repair done yourself (i.e. you take it to a store, or perform the repair yourself) you must do so by the time the gear is due. If an extra week extension is needed to complete this task, please inform the Gear Officer of the need to get the extension so you are not penalized. You may also have the repair done after you return the gear. We prefer to have all bikes in usable condition and ready for other members as soon as possible (keep this in mind when deciding how to perform your needed repair/replacement).

Stoves & Fuel

EMAIL THE OFFICERS within 48hrs of when you need to pickup the stove(s) and fuel. These gear items are not allowed in the gear room and are housed off campus with one of the Officers.

WHEN RETURNING the stove(s) and fuel, make arrangements with an Officer on where to meet and hand off the gear. The Officer running the gear room may not be prepared or capable of transporting this particular gear to its off-campus storage location.