Halloween Progressive Party with CLIMBING TEAM!!

Hello little shredlings!!

If you have seen me at all in the past three weeks you know that this party is ALL I can talk about. This Friday, October 29th, we are having a progressive Halloween party with Climbing Team! There’s a lot of overlap between our two clubs and our houses are pretty close together, so we thought that there would be no better time for us to crunch it up together than Halloweekend <3.

So what is a progressive party?

The idea is that we’re partying at two houses. We and the climbing team will start at the shred shack around 8pm, sip some drink, enjoy each other’s costumes, dance our butts off, and then around halfway through the night (perhaps between 10 and 11?) We’ll mosey on over to the climbing house!

pros of coming:

  • meet super cool members of the climbing team or hang out with the ones that you already know
  • attend one of our first parties that takes place INSIDE of the shred shack as well as outside
  • enjoy views of Burke Haywood dancing on a table dressed as a woodland fairy

cons of coming:

  • none


hugs n kisses