***Important*** Creekathon Info!


I hope you have your sending caps, frolicking britches, cartwheeling gloves and a big appetite all in one place because Creekathon is right around the corner (next Sunday, October 3rd) and we couldn’t be more stoked to see your smiling faces down at “the NUT”!!! Creekathon is a large event with lots of moving parts, so naturally there is often a healthy amount of confusion surrounding it. Hopefully the following info will clear up any questions you might have!

First, we have capped Creekathon at 80 people for logistical purposes, therefore YOU ARE NOT ON THE ADVENTURE IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN LET OFF THE WAITLIST for the “main trip”. Please do not show up to the carpool if you are not on the adventure.

Second, we will be meeting on Sunday, October 3rd at 9:50 am at the Student Activities Building (across from Courtney, Dunglison, Fitzhugh) to carpool over to Walnut Creek Park. We are NOT I repeat NOT meeting at echols like the original adventure description says.

Third, TRIP LEADERS POST CREEKATHON TRIPS! Creekathon just ain’t the same without rad adventures going out left and right! Creekathon is also a great way for you new trip leaders to get your first trip under your belt because you don’t have worry about organizing carpools. Trips at the NUT can include hiking, mountain biking, slacklining, plant ID nature walks, yoga, disc golf, Stand-up paddleboarding and so much more – use your imagination!

  • Reminders for trip Leaders:
    • Make sure to put “Creekathon” in your trip title so that people know not to sign up for it if they are not going to Creekathon
    • Ensure that club gear you want to use for your Creekathon trip is not being used at the same time on another trip. A good way to do this is to go to the adventures page and see if there is an adventure of the same kind as yours going out at the same time.
    • Make sure you have a question on your trip asking if people signing up for your trip have been let off of the waitlist for the creekathon main trip. DON’T let people on your trip who are not off the main trip waitlist. They won’t be there to go on your trip lol

Fourth, Sign up for Creekathon trips! Cooking out and chilling out is fun and all, but trust me, your day will be exponentially more fun if you go on an adventure or two at Creekathon. That being said, pay attention to when the trips you sign up for are happening and make sure you don’t sign up for more than one trip at the same time.

Last, drivers have been instructed to not leave Walnut Creek Park without full cars, but carpooling back to grounds is a bit of a casual endeavor and some people might leave earlier than others. So, make sure you pay attention and don’t get left behind!


Peace, Love and Dirt,

The Officers