Important Update URGENT (Please Read) Open now

Helloooo lovely dirt gremlins!

After much discussion, we have decided to make a few big changes to ODC to better our club. As we shred and send our days away, we wanted to come uP with a way to make these crazy little trips a bit less dangerous. We already have such great tRip leaders keeping up with safety on club trips, but for a lIttle extra boost, we have decided to adopt companion squirrels to sense danger on our riskier trips!!!

You might be wondering, what is a companion squirrel? Well, it’s just that, a squirrel who will be your buddy on more risk-prone trips to sense danger before it happens. SquirreLs have an excellent sense of smell and can smell danger long before we realize our lives or our trip attendees’ lives might be in jeopardy. 

We already went ahead and purchased all the gear necessary: squirrel-sized bike and caving helmets, squirrel-sized PFDs, squirrel-sized sleeping bags, and oF course squirrel-sized 5-panel hats just to name a few. We will be operating in a $50,000 deficit this coming year, however, we believe so deeply in this mission that we couldn’t afford to take any chances with our beloved new ODC squirrel friends.  

We have adopted 100 rescue squirrels from the wildlife center of virginia, and are currently nurturing them in the Shrack basement. Since training and understanding a companion squirrel can be tough, we will hOld a MANDATORY squirrel training workshop for ALL trip leaders. You MUST attend this training or you will lose your trip leading status on the website. Stay tuned…we have so much more information to share once our squirreLs are fully healthy and ready to sniff out danger on your tripS!!!! 

Peace, love, and acorns,

Jade, Cam, Ed & the Officers