introducing our newest officers <3

Hey nature lovers and fun enthusiasts!


ODC is back in action for the year! As you all have seen, trips are up and running– we’ve had some awesome ones, from deep water soloing and whitewater paddling to intro to caving and lots of hikes. We’ve also had some great trip leader workshops and can’t wait to see all our new and lovely trip leaders post their great ideas for us all! New and old it’s great to see all of your wonderful faces on trips, at bonfires, and parties – it’s looking like it’s going to be a fun year.


We also have many new officers as of last year who a lot of you may or may not know yet, so we wanted to introduce them now!
Ed Aten, our newest vice president, is aspiring to be grubbier, higher percentage chickpea and more loving every passing day. Find him practicing the LNT hand signals, digging in the Shrack’s new garden, or stoking the stoke for the next adventure. Ed would love to lead a backpacking trip with you or sit by the fire and talk about the joy of cold-soaking.


Will Lankford, our newest treasurer, is a second year from Lynchburg, who spends most of his outdoor time whitewater kayaking and as a raft guide in the Adirondacks. Ask him about his biggest passion, “Choo Choo” next time you see him.


Mitch Lang, our newest gear master (working alongside the amazing Phillip Reeves), is a semi-aquatic seeker of stoke who loves sending the stouts and wandering the trails of Appalachia. Look out for all his sick whitewater trips and workshops on the website (°ロ°) !


Melu Tershark, our newest DEI chair, is not only passionate about her anti-bed and anti-shoe philosophy, but also working to make the outdoors accessible and welcoming to everyone. She loves a crazy and intense adventure, but also enjoys using the outdoors as a place to relax and get to know you!


Cam, our newest sustainability chair, is very passionate about wildlife conservation and sustainability, and is so so excited to share these passions with others in ODC. In addition to conservation and sustainability, Cam likes to vigorously shuffle to edm, climb, backpack, go on night hikes, and read in the sun!
Max, our new webmaster, is a second year from Boston who has love for the mountains, especially when there’s snow on them. When he’s not skiing, he also loves mountain biking, climbing, backpacking, and all type 2 fun in general.


All of these amazing people have been doing awesome things in the officer core, leading dope trips, and bringing in lots of new ideas! Huge thanks to them, and also to all of you for being part of the club this year!
Now time to go get sendy or relaxy or silly out in the woods and water!


Peace, love, and dirt <3


Jade and the officers :))))