Let’s get silly stupid *sustainably* (LAST PARTY of SEMESTER earth day edition)

let’s get silly stupid *sustainably* after sunset!!!! – last party 🙂

happy happy earth day week month lifetime! let’s all get silly stupid *sustainably* this Friday at our final party of the year!

when: 7:30 FRIDAY post climate march!!! pre sunset!!!

where: shred shack (116 washington ave)

BYOLV: Bring Your Own Liquid Vessel to be filled with delicious bold rockin’ brews.

* see inspiration pic of your lovely president below

attire: your best most creative personal embodiment of mother earth/sustainability

  • Covered in only mud?

  • A 70’s climate marchin hippie?

  • Shirt made from trash?

  • Green on green on green?

  • Any creature from the spiderwick chronicles