Intermediate Backpacking to Mountain-Top Sunset / Stargaze / Moonrise / Sunrise & Refreshing Dip

Matthew Rosefsky

Community adventure with local Sierra Club. Let’s backpack along the Appalachian Trail, and: >> Watch the sunset (8:31pm), then awesome stargaze until huge moonrise (10:57pm), and sunrise (6:10am) whilst camping atop Spy Rock, my favorite mountain-top viewpoint in this entire region >> Lunch on day 2 atop The Priest >> Refreshing finish & 2-hour dip (for those not driving) in …

Boulder-Hopping Hike to 360 Mountain-Top Views

Matthew Rosefsky

Not able to go to the NRGE? Here’s somethin’ local for ya. Community hike with local Sierra Club. Includes a very fun 1-mile boulder-hopping section, to a mountain summit’s spectacular 360-degree views. Old Rag Mountain, Shenandoah National Park. We will enter the circuit from a little-known back door, which ends up making the whole experience be much better than the …

Hike to Waterfalls & Mountain-Top Views; Natural Rock Waterslide?

Matthew Rosefsky

Community hike with local Sierra Club Waterfalls Mountain-top views Natural rock waterslide (if it’s warm enough out) Whiteoak Canyon & Cedar Run, Shenandoah National Park 9.6 mile circuit 3200 feet elevation gain The most relaxed-pace hiker (the caboose) will carry one walkie-talkie while hiking at minimum pace 3 out of 5; I’ll carry the other one while hiking at pace …