Mid-Eclipse Email?? Welcome New Officers

Congratulations to our fresh new officers! Their first meeting will be this Sunday and we can’t wait to welcome them into our shred-tastic crew. If you see them around grounds or rolling in the dirt on O’Hill please give them a big pat on the back.  Thanks again to everyone who applied this round and to all our trip leaders, we couldn’t do this without you. 

Peace, love, moon pies, and eclipse glasses,

Ed & the Officers


Owen Himmel – Sustainability Chair

Fonder than most of stones, blue belt hacky sack practitioner, and pear enjoyer, Owen looks forward to any time outside on any kind of trip. Generally pursuing a state of laminar flow and unorthodox snacks, he hopes to share in the fun of all. 

Allie Shellhammer

Allie is a nature loving adventure seeking gremlin who loves all things outdoors! This makes sense since she hails from the outdoorsy state of Colorado! Although she loves hiking, backpacking, climbing, stargazing, birding, rafting and all above ground adventures, she spends most of her time underground crawling through tight squeezes, fangirling over bats and climbing vertical mud slides definitely not made for a 5′ short queen.  She hopes to see you all on a rad ODC adventure soon or on a spontaneous trip out West!

Susannah Allen

Susannah has the ultimate superpower of never, ever getting bitten by bugs, but a weakness of lighting matches. So, no fire is needed to keep the bugs away from her on a summer night. Outside of struggling to make fires, Susannah can be found on her mountain bike doing laps at Ohill, paddle boarding at Ragged, or straight lining down the mountain at Snowshoe. She believes that school is an odd social construct and that you can learn math from the trees just as easily as you can from professors. Crashing bikes, falling in the water, and tripping over her own skis are all the learning that she claims she needs.

John Woodward

John is a fan of outdoor exploration, bonus points for places that are dangerous, difficult, or downright unpleasant to access. He documents these journeys in the rivers, caves, sewers, or deep into the wilderness with a camera that he values more than his own safety. John specializes in any whitewater-based activity but enjoys all kinds of other outdoor sports and will gladly try anything new.

Charlotte Maxwell

Skills: getting lost in nature, finding 4-leaf clovers, making pbj masterpieces, serving steez

Struggles: pulling all-dayers, lactose intolerance, using pocket lighters

Charlotte is often found lying in a delicious patch of grass living carelessly outside instead of doing the readings for her classes. She loves her daily vitamin D intake, walking around grounds barefoot, and singing her heart out around a campfire (no matter how out of tune she might be). As a camp counselor guru, she never fails to ask you what your “rose, thorn, and bud” are at the end of a long day. She is also a 5th grader stuck in a 19 y/o’s body: rolling cartwheels, headstands, eating dino nugs, climbing up trees, and dabbing on the haters.

Via Miller

Via is a forest cryptid who crawled out of a hole somewhere in the Blue Ridge Mountains. She can often be found climbing and hiking, however as a self-proclaimed ‘Jack-of-all-Trades, Master of None’, she’ll join just about any beginner trip that she can cram into her schedule. When she isn’t off in the mountains, she can often be found cooped up in the basement of Olsson coding video games or plotting her next D&D campaign.