Missing Mountain Bike

Hey all,

I write to you today in search of one of our beloved club bikes. If you have Sally, a bright yellow Specialized Fuse in size medium, please return the bike as soon as possible. If you see the bike or have any questions, please email me (pfr3yq@virginia.edu) or the officers (outdoors-officers@virginia.edu).
Our mountain bikes are expensive, and losing one would greatly impact the club and our ability to get all of you lovely folks outside for low cost. Additionally, taking one bike for yourself prevents any other member from using it. We want everyone in ODC to be able to enjoy the awesome bikes that we have so it’s really important to return them in a timely manner after use. In addition, keeping gear past its due date is a UVA Honor Offense.
Finally, a note about borrowing bikes. You MUST check out a bicycle through an officer, whether that is through meeting an officer at the Shred Shack or over email/text. Taking a bike without permission is unacceptable and can result in a loss of gear checkout privileges.
In short:
1) Looking for a yellow Specialized Fuse
2) Do not take bikes without permission and return them promptly after use
Happy Trails,
Phillip and the Officers