The rumors are true. This spring break, the Outdoors Club will once again be putting together a trip out to Moab, Utah (🏜️🌵🌞) for a week of unadulterated, dastardly, desert fun. Many more details on the trip and its logistics/finances (including the actual “adventure” on the website) will be posted in the coming weeks. This email is just to serve as an early notification/description of the trip and how our lottery system for the trip will work. We know it’s long, but please read the ENTIRE email.


The Trip (a brief primer):


The 35-40 of us will all head out to Moab, Utah during Spring Break and spend a week(ish) camping on the banks of the Colorado River and going hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, climbing/bouldering, hooning, snowman making in the mountains, booze-cruising, trail running, fire-side jamming, and assorted other gooning. Unlike other club mega-trips like the NRGE, what goes down each day is played by ear.


So what’s so great about Moab? Moab is a multi-sport paradise, with unbelievably amazing national/state parks nearby. March in Moab is perfect adventure weather with temps in the mid-60s and plenty of sun! Being a breathtaking desert destination situated on the Colorado Plateau, it is home to hundreds of miles of beautiful canyons with delicate natural arches, massive towers, and mind blowing views! Just google image search “Moab Utah” and see for yourself!


Check out this video from the club’s 2016 trip to Moab.


The Lottery:


Lottery?? Why is that necessary? Unfortunately, the logistics of the trip limit us to around 35-40 attendees. And since more than 40 of you will probably want to come, we want to establish a system that makes how often/quickly you check your email not a factor in your chances of coming; thus, a lottery.


Everyone who signs up for the adventure on the website (posted sometime in December) will receive 2 automatic entries into the lottery. Beyond that, two factors can change how many entries you receive:


  1. The number of trips you’ve led this school year. Every trip you have led since the first day of the 2022-2023 academic year up until the lottery drawing will give you ONE additional entry into the lottery. EXCEPTIONS: Multi-day trips that you’ve led will yield additional lottery entries for every day of the trip. Affinity trips will also count for TWO additional entries instead of one.


  1. 4th year students (or grad students in their last year, foreign exchange students, etc.) will receive a 1.5x multiplier on the sum of their entries. This is just to give folks without another chance to attend the Moab trip a bit of an edge!


If this inspires you to become a trip leader, we will be hosting another Trip Leader Workshop soon! You are also encouraged to read the Trip Leader Manual on our Resources Page – after doing so email us and we will activate you as a trip leader!


Lottery System Examples:

  • A 2nd year who has led a 2-day backpacking trip and another 1-day trip would have [2 (base entries) + 2 (2-day trip) + 1(1-day trip) ] = 5 entries


  • A 4th year who has led two 1-day trips this school year would have [2 (base entries) + 2 (trips led)] x1.5 (4th year multiplier) = 6 entries


  • A 3rd year who has led no trips this school year would have [2 (base entries) + 0 trips led] = 2 entries


This lottery system will apply to everyone, officers included; though discretion is maintained for logistical concerns (notably needing drivers for the trip to work).


As of right now, we are planning on holding the lottery on January 17th 2023.


Again, this email is just a ‘heads up’, and more information and directions will be sent out later in the semester.


If you have any questions about the lottery system, the Moab trip (stay tuned for more details), or anything really, feel free to reach out to any of the four officers planning Moab 2023 (Max, Phillip, Ed, Sophia). You can send an email to all of us by copying and pasting in these addresses into an email:


Your beloved trip planners,

~ Sophia, Ed, Max, and Phillip