Hello Super Solstice Shredlings!

We hope you all are enjoying all of the great outdoor recreation the winter has to offer! This is a reminder that if you want to enter the lottery for our annual MOAB SPRING BREAK TRIP in 2024 you must sign up for the trip and fill out the google form in the trip description by SUNDAY DECEMBER 31st at 11:59 pm. The form will CLOSE so make sure to fill it out by then if you plan on entering!

A wee lottery note:

The lottery is random and meant to give everyone who enters a chance at attending Moab. The folks who have lead trips are more likely to be chosen, but not guaranteed a spot! People with fewer entries should still have a reasonable chance of making it onto the trip or the spirit of the lottery would be lost. We hope this all makes sense. Please reach out to us at with any questions (lottery-related or not). Keep an eye out for a future email with the lottery source code if you’re into that kind of thing beep boop. 

————>Here is the link to the trip <————

Peace, love, and snow (fingers crossed),

The Moab Planning Officers