Moab, UT Spring Break Mega-Trip: Heads-Up and Lottery System

Greetings to all you gnar-senders, shredbenders and radness defenders,


Finals dragging you down? Sick of all that pesky “schoolwork” keeping you indoors? Sick of hearing this worn-out trip-description trope? Well, have I got some news for you! This spring break we will hosting our annual trip to Moab, UT, for a week of dastardly desert dirtbag doings, and we’re asking you to join us! More details on the trip (including the actual “adventure” on the website) will be posted this coming week. Before that, however, we want to give you some information about how signing up for this trip works a little differently than most club trips.
To gain a general idea of what this trip will entail, feel free to look at last year’s adventure notes here:

Rather than the usual first-come, first-served sign-up system used for most trips, we employ a lottery system to ensure that access to this trip isn’t dependent on how often you check your email; we’d hate to give you another reason to spend more time staring at your phone! The logistics of the trip limit us to around 36 attendees, and since more than 36 of y’all will probably want to come, we’ve established a system we feel gives everyone a relatively fair opportunity.

Everyone who signs up for the adventure on the website will receive 2 automatic entries into the lottery. Beyond that, two factors can change how many entries you receive:


1) Trips led this school year. Every trip you have led since the first day of school this year will give you ONE additional entry into the lottery. (Never led a trip before? There’s no time like the present! Just give the Trip Leader Manual (found on the website) a thorough read, draft up a trip description, and email it to the officers to get approval.)


2) 4th year students (or grad students in their last year, foreign exchange students, etc.) will receive a 2x multiplier on the sum of their entries from above. This is usually their last chance to attend Moab (although post-grads and community members can and do attend every year), so we want to give them a bit of an edge.


Ex. 1: a 4th year who has led one trip this school year would have [2 (base entries) + 1 (trip led)] x2 (4th year multiplier) = 6 entries


Ex. 2: a 1st year who has led 2 trips this school year would have 2  (base entries) + 1 x (2 trips led) = 4 entries


Ex. 3: a 3rd year who has led no trips this school year would have 2 (base entries) + 0 trips led = 2 entries


This lottery system will apply to everyone, officers included; though discretion is maintained for logistical concerns (notably needing drivers for the trip to work).


We plan to hold the lottery on January 10th.


If you have any questions about the lottery system, the Moab trip (stay tuned for more details), or anything else, feel free to reach out to me ( or the officer group ( and we’ll do our best to answer.
In the meantime, peep (shredding) some (climbing) footy (2017’s trip video, made by Scott Gilb) of what Moab has to offer.
If this procrastination fuel isn’t high-octane enough for you, just you wait until the full trip posting goes out next week!



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