NRGE-alicious UPDATE


  • Lots of NRGE interest – NRGE trip at Capacity
  • Any waitlist-related feedback for us?
  • Those off trips – please join the Main Carpool!

WOWOW! We love the NRGE stoke. We had SO many people reach out wanting to lead NRGE trips. Thank you, thank you all! So happy to see our lovely little club growing and we cannot wait to spend a crisp fall weekend with many of you in Wild and Wonderful West Virginia!

We want to let you all know that we have reached NRGE Capacity. We tried to give priority to those who reached out wanting to lead trips in the order we received them, while also making sure we had a variety of trip types. We are also limited by campsite space, cars, gear and time! We know the waitlist on many of these trips was long, and we understand that this can be pretty frustrating. We encourage those who might not have gotten off the waitlist they want to still lead a trip that weekend! There are plenty of folks who want to adventure with you!!!!!! 

We would also love to hear thoughts and ideas on how we as officers can better navigate these long waitlists in the future. The officer corp is aware that this is an ongoing issue, and we want to figure out new ways to combat this, especially as our club grows. We recognize that there are definitely ways that we can improve our system, and our feedback form on the website and in weekly emails is always open! 

Feedback form link:

Those who are on NRGE trips please JOIN THE MAIN CARPOOL. We will be creating a Group Me with all of you to share information about packing, car departure, gear etc. Further NRGE trips can be created, but they do need to be restricted to those already on NRGE. And please send us an email as well so we can make sure we have a car for you if needed.

We also know that folks’ plans change, so PLEASE let us know ASAP if you end up not being able to make it to NRGE. We want as many people to be able to play in the woods as possible, and will be adding those next on waitlists if space becomes available. 

Peace, love, and dirt, 

Shay and the NRGE Planning Crew