ODC Bonfire 1/17 8 pm! First of the DECADE

Basking in that sweet, fleeting syllabus week bliss? Psyched to be surrounded by your age cohort again? In existential turmoil over the January heat wave? Vitamin D deficient? Vitamin PBR deficient? Coping with your pyromaniac tendencies? Missin’ your favorite deteriorating yard furniture and barefoot, idealistic hippies?


If you answered yes to any of the aforementioned, you’re in luck! ODC will be having our first bonfire of the DECADE at the Shred Shack this Friday, 1/17, at 8 pm! There will be no shortage of stellar humans, libations, warmth, and fine tuneage.



Outdoors Club Bonfire // Friday 1/17 @ 8 pm // 116 Washington Ave backyard

See ya there 🙂