ODC Has New Officers!!

Hiya y’all!



I hope you’re doing well this splendid and fresh Monday. The officers wanted to take a moment of your time to let you know, there are more of us! Last week, the officers reviewed 13 amazing officer applications and had to make some tough choices to narrow them down to only two accepted new officers: Sujith Panchumarthy and Evelyn Needham! We’re super stoked to add these crazy qualified individuals to our club’s governing body and know that they’ll do an amazing job helping to run and shape ODC. If you see ’em around, tell ’em congrats! Here they are now to tell you a little bit about themselves!



Sujith Panchumarthy

Catch Sujith on his weekly *required climbing only* O-Hill mountain biking trips cause what’s better than sharing the love with others! And yes, he’s written it in stone here to hold himself accountable (shame him if he fails to do so). Just like everyone else, find him on a random hike cause who doesn’t love chatting & grubbing with friends on the road to a rewarding view? Bonus points if there’s a sunset involved. He loves breaking out of his comfort zone, evidenced by the fact he went skydiving to overcome his fear of heights, so shoot him any of your crazy ideas.



Evelyn Needham

Super into all things grimy and snowy, Evelyn can be found cheffin a funky backcountry meal or singing her heart out to her favorite musicals on trail. Her biggest outdoors accomplishment thus far was eating nothing but fig newtons on a 4 day backpacking stretch. Chronically forgetful but always on time, Evelyn can’t wait to disregard standard personal hygiene practices with you.



Again, we are so so stoked to add these beautiful people, but we also want to add YOU! Officer applications are accessible via the resources tab of our website. The only current hard requirement to be considered for officership is that you have lead at least three trips. Applications are considered by the officers and new officers are selected once a semester, after the NRGE megatrip in the Fall, and after the Moab megatrip in the Spring. The officer corps functions as the main governing body of ODC and manages things like club membership, gear purchasing, social events, mega trip planning, club policies, and much much more. If you’re passionate about ODC, we would love to hear from you! Again, give Evelyn and Sujith a pat on the back if you see ’em (and give Will Lankford a hard time cause he still hasn’t created an officer bio). We hope you have a wonderful rest of your week!



Peace, love, and dirt,

Mitch & the officers