ODC Party 9/7 9 pm

Whether you’re a seasoned ODC veteran ready to live in a van or first-year who just joined the listserv, whether you’ve summited Everest blindfolded or never walked uphill before, or anything in between:

You’re invited to Outdoors Club’s first party of the year: this Saturday (9/7) at 9 pm at the Shred Shack, 116 Washington Ave!!!

If you feel so inclined, the party theme is color kaleidoscope / mismatched patterns! Get decked out in your craziest, most outrageous colors and/or your most discordant tie dyes and plaids; polka dots and stripes, etc. etc. (We’re a loving & inclusive space and pass no judgment here, we promise…)

WHAT: ODC’s annual back-to-school rager
WHO: Anyone & everyone
WHERE: 116 Washington Ave, el Shack de Shred (easily accessible via trolley or inner loop)
WHEN: Saturday 9/7 at 9 PM

See ya there!

<3 <3 <3 the Officer Crew