Oh how quickly this year is going. NRGE is around the corner, which means officer application review is ALSO around the corner!

Last year, we started a new system where we accept rolling applications, but review all applications directly post NRGE in the fall, and post Moab in the spring. This means that you can apply WHENEVER ALL YEAR LONG! This is your friendly reminder to START APPLYING if you are interested in becoming an officer.

Because,,,,,, if you want to be considered for officership before this coming MARCH you need to submit an officer application by FRIDAY NOVEMBER 3!!!!!!!!!

Here is a link to the application: 


Some qualities that would make you a good candidate:

  • Knowledge in a particular outdoor sport (ABSOLUTELY NOT REQUIRED BUT ALWAYS A PLUS)
  • Willingness to put in time and effort to ensuring the club will run smoothly
  • Internal drive to make the club more diverse, equitable and inclusive


And a friendly reminder, you must have led at least 3 trips to be considered for officership!


FOR THOSE WHO HAVE ALREADY APPLIED AND WANT TO BE RECONSIDERED: You can re-apply through the form if you want to change/update any of your answers, OR you can email us at to let us know you want to be reconsidered with your previous application!




Peace, love and dirt,

Jade and the Officers