Outdoors Club Gear! Some IMPORTANT Announcements!

Hello my scrumptious gear munchers,

Today for you the officers have a few very important announcements about gear! Here we go!



Bring Back Gear!!!!

  • As Moab is rapidly approaching, the officers beseech you to bring back your gear to the gear room! We would love to have all of our gear find its way home so it can be used by others. Please check if you have missing gear lying around. You can also come into a gear room to ask an officer if you have items checked out.

Personal gear checkouts: PAUSED THIS WEEK

  • To keep gear reserved for Moab, we will not be checking gear out this week EXCEPT FOR USE ON A CLUB TRIP. If you would like to appeal for an exception, please email the officers at outdoors-officers@virginia.edu. We ask our trip leaders to please be diligent about gathering and returning gear for your trip. Gear checkouts for non-trip purposes will be un-paused next Monday, the 27th.

Spring Break (and pre-break) Gear Room Times

  • In light of Moab and other spring break shenanigans, gear room times will not be offered over spring break. The gear-room officers will sadly simply not be in town to assist you. Additionally, changed or cancelled gear rooms are likely during the later half of next week (the 1st onwards). Stay tuned to the weekly email for exact details.

Get Merch!!!

  • Merch is now a Free to Purchase! You do not have to have pre-ordered merch to come into the gear room and pick yourself up some swag. Swing by today!
  • Prices
    Classic 8
    Fancy T 12
    Tank 12
    Crewneck 15



Thanks for bearing with us as we embark on this spring break season. If you have questions, please feel free to shoot the officers a message at outdoors-officers@virginia.edu!



peace, love, and dirt

Mitch & the officers