Hey yall!!!

Though it may seem like we just had a party, it is time for yet ANOTHER but this time at the SAILING HOUSE!!!!!!! Yep, thats right, we’re having a mixer with sailing again (some of you may remember the last one from a few St Pattys ago 👀), but this time its a KARAOKE PARTY. So if you love drunkenly and rather poorly singing in front of crowds as much as I do or if you would just love to meet some sailing friends, come party with us on Thursday at 9!!!!

Again, this is NOT at the Shred Shack, its at the sailing house (519 14th Street Northwest, Charlottesville, VA 22903) at 9 pm on Thursday!! Also, there will be some drinks, but not as many as usual so I recommend doing a slight byob action (like maybe bring a drink or two). And even though we usually have a theme– there is NO theme this time! We hope to see you thereeeeeeee

Peace, love, and dirt,

Jade and the Officers <3