Pre-Break Gear Rooms UPDATE!

Hello all you granola gremlins!!


We bring you an important update for our Gear Room schedule for this week of 2/26. In light of spring break and Moab, the regularly scheduled gear rooms held by Cam and Renee on Thursday and Friday will NOT take place. Instead, Carson will hold a gear room on Thursday at 11am and Anusha will hold a gear room on Friday at 10am. Please attend these times and reach out to Carson and Anusha if you have questions instead of Cam and Renee. They can be contacted via the information below.


TLDR; New Thursday and Friday Gear Rooms this week! Disregard regular schedule. See info below.

Thursday: Carson @ 11am (757-647-6745)

Friday: Anusha @ 10am (571-455-0721)


Thanks for bearing with us! Hope everyone has a wonderful break!


Mitch & the Officers