Remember ODC’s Graduating Officers! (They’re Not Dying, They’re Just Leaving…)

The time has come to say goodbye to ODC’s beloved fourth years, including our eight graduating officers😭😭


They’ve worked their asses off running this epic club (some of them for more than 3 years), and as we bring back ODC’s annual newsletter The Scrawl, let’s send them off properly!

Use this form to share memories and trip pictures before midnight on Sunday, April 28th so we can say thank you and see you soon!!!


ODC’s 2024 Graduating Officers:
  • Mitch Lang
  • Renee Erickson
  • Jade Alvarez
  • Grace Gray
  • Shay Utzinger
  • Sujith Panchumarthy
  • Marion Donald
  • Melu Tershark



Sarah (and the rest of the Officer Corps)