Saturday (12/2) Stinky Elephant Bonfuego!!!!!

Word on the street is that this Saturday our potluck bonfuego shall take on a WHOLE NEW DIMENSION…well, you know what us officers say to that? Let us offer this interpretive haiku in a modest attempt at conveying the sheer bliss that overcomes us:

Elephant, oh yes!

Smells much, like old banana

Stinky ooze, we love!

That’s right, my friends: it’s STINKY ELEPHANT TIME. If you ponder the meaning of this, as many might, here’s the picture: a chill gift-giving scheme reminiscent of its better-known neighbor “White Elephant,” EXCEPT THIS TIME we encourage little or no monetary transactions, and would love for us to harness our gift-giving love via scavenging, dumpster diving, nature art, or any other means that call to you! This is meant to be a super low-stress and fun way for us to connect with each other and our Earth, so feel free to take is super lightly, and no pressure to bring any offering with ya! We can always get crafty during our bonfire and we wanna see your amazing face regardless of any elephant and its smells <3

Alsoooo….this would be the perfect time to match up with yo tree / sprout or meet them and envelop each other in your metaphorical woodland embrace (forget who your destined treefriends are? Check out the spreadsheet here!!)

Potluck and drink for anyone who wants it, also BYOSS — Bring Yo Own Sleep System (if ya wanna sleep in the tents Grace will have set up in her backyard aka her bedroom lol). 

1523 Broad Ave, Saturday 12/2, 7:30PM, SEE YOU WONDROUS HUMANS THERE!!

composed by: the Wonderful Illustrious Grace Gray